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The Creation Narrative of Science and the Bible

Dr. David C. Bossard

Dr. David C. Bossard
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Table of Questions

Day One: Creation of physical light
Day One
Why does the Genesis Creation Narrative begin with the creation of light? What sort of light is it? The first act of creation: creation of light in the Big Bang. Universe—space and time—created from nothing; expands into nothing. Second act of creation: creation of darkness. Light of Day One  preceeds the creation of the Sun and Solar System.
Day Three, Part 1—Creation of Dry Land
Day Three
How could dry land appear out of the global ocean? Dry land appeared out of a global ocean. Oceans form one global water-mass. Dry land also began as one mass. Role of plate tectonics.
Before Day One
Before the Beginning
Why does the Genesis Creation Narrative begin with verse 2—before Day One? What is the setting of Genesis 1:2? Before Creation began. Earth did not yet exist—"shapeless and empty". Contemporary use of words indicate this—Rig Veda. Universe expands into "the deep"—empty nothingness.
Day Two
(Creation of the earth implied before Day Two)
Day Two
What is the "firmament" in Day Two? Why is its description the second event in the Genesis Creation Narrative? A Raqia shields "inner space" from "outer space". Mis-translated in earliest Greek LXX by "firmament". This error persists today.


Summary thus far: Creation of the Physical and Chemical worlds.

The Geological Record of Life

Introduction to Life: The Geological Record from Science.
When did Life Begin?
(Implied before Day Three)
Life Itself
Overwhelming complexity and unity of all life. First evidence on earth as soon as liquid oceans cooled to below pasteurization temperatures (~4.85 Billion years ago). No plausible scientific (falsifiable) explanation of how life began (within the timeframe of the entire universe). Remarks on complexity of the "minimum" possible form of life and the 1998 NAS Symposium on this question.
What is “Advanced life” and when could earth support it?
Eukaryotic Big Bang
The early earth could not support advanced life. First living bacteria prepared for advanced life over a span of 2 billion years. How did the earth prepare for it? The critical pathways: photosynthesis; carbon fixing; nitrogen fixing. Formation of oxygen atmosphere to provide oxygen respiration required by all advanced life. Distribution of fixed carbon and nitrogen worldwide. What is advanced life? The eukaryotic cell, visible plants and animals. Cambrian explosion. These answers come from science, not from the Bible. But science, in turn, gets its answers from the “silent voice” which God wove into the natural world. “It is unreasonable that we can answer these questions.”
How do cell products move to where they are needed? The role of motor molecules. Motor Molecules
The bacterial cell relies (mostly) on natural diffusion to move food and wastes in the cell. Eukaryotic cells use cytoskeletal "highways" and a variety of motor molecules to transport this food and waste throughout the cell—even building new highways "on the go" as needed. A consequence is that eukaryotes can be much larger and more complex as compared with bacteria. Ref: Vale, The Motor Toolbox for Intracellular Transport (2003). [GET LINK]
Day Three, Part 2—The Greening of the Land
When did Plants appear on dry land? The Fossil record of migration to land in the Silurian/Devonian era. The Rhynie chert. Ozone shield; concurrent appearance of flying insects.
What does "creation after its kind" mean?

Sexual reproduction and implications. Preparation of food on land for animals. Spores (tetrad spores imply sexual reproduction), Seeds and Fruits.
Day Four: How do stars mark off the seasons, days and years?
Day Four
Unexplainable stability of the solar system. Early development of Astronomy as the first deliberative science. Earliest (current) evidence for advanced Astronomical observation at Lascaux cave in 18th Millennium BC.
How do animals differ from plants?
First reference to special creation by God—barà. Significance. The animal "soul"—nephesh. Cambrian Explosion of animal phyla (body types)
Why did advanced life begin in the Oceans?

Life in ocean protected from harsh rays and coronal mass ejections (CME); Dry land sterilized prior to erection of the ozone shield (about 400 Ma).  Reproduction in water environment. Eggs and amniotic sac as a sort of “water environment”.

What are the longest extant animal species?

Meaning of "kind" in this context. extant shellfish lines.  Bony Fishes—The Coelacanth "living fossil"
Day Six, Part 1—When did land animals first appear?
Land Animals
When did animals appear on dry land?
Day Six, Part 2—When did true humans first appear?

Creation of Adam. When did true humans first appear? Note: Only other use of barà in the creation narrative. Applies to both man and woman. Mandate to reproduce and “fill the earth” What is the scientific evidence for the earliest appearance of humans. Dressed stones, bows and arrows, Cave art. Chauvet Cave ~30k BC Lascaux Cave ~18k BC. Later evidence: boats, advanced tools.
When did the alphabet and writing first appear?

Coincident with bronze age (smelting) ~3000 BC. Mid-East. (All written languages appear to derive from early cuneiform. (Chinese, Egyptian, etc.) Evidence for accurate astronomical record-keeping as early as the 18th millennium BC.

Other questions to tease your mind:
• When did the first smelting occur? (See Gen. )
• Earliest clock mechanisms (the Antikythera Mechanism)?
• Are Humans and Neanderthals related?
• When was the Flood? Coincident with the annihilation of neanderthals?
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